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Revolutionize the way you make money with Candace Taylor

February 06, 2023 Holly Doll
Bombshell CEO
Revolutionize the way you make money with Candace Taylor
Show Notes

If you have been feeling a little lost when it comes to life and business, then this episode is for you!

We have got the compass that will lead you back to yourself so you can revolutionize the way you make money! It's the soul care framework that is going to ground you, center you and get to the truth of who you are.

Episode 021: Revolutionize the way you make money with Candace Taylor

Candace Taylor is a Dream Doula, the human form of glitter, who helps multi-passionate solopreneurs revolutionize our society without losing sight of their power to lead joyous, abundant, healthy lives.

She has used her 3-part Soul Care framework and LIGHT leadership methodology to secure 5-figure brand partnerships, become a Fulbright research scholar in Nicaragua and work on a Tony-award-winning Broadway musical.

In this episode, we talk all about:

  • Why self care is burning us out when it comes to time, energy, and money
  • The need for soul care and what that means
  • Candace’s 3 part soul care frame work and her exact steps for this process 
  • The danger of looking outside yourself and missing the details of who you are
  • Why most people are building their lives and businesses with materials they hate
  • Why celebrating yourself is a must and why you need to stop moving the goal posts
  • How society has normalized misery and why we are micro dosing it without even realizing
  • How to center your needs, values and desires and use them as your compass
  • How to close the BS loops with a snapback to joy
  • Why you need to get over yourself so you can get into yourself
  • A special opportunity for you to join Candace for a soul-care vision road mapping session

Soul Care Vision Roadmap Session:

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