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This is not the way it's always been

November 07, 2022 Holly Doll
Bombshell CEO
This is not the way it's always been
Show Notes

Episode 008: This is not the way it’s always been with Leslie Draffin

Leslie Draffin is a Menstrual Cycle Coach, Feminine Embodiment Mentor and Podcast Host. She is passionate about eradicating shame and fear around women’s bodies, cycles and sex. In this episode Leslie opens up about leaving her career as a news anchor and her recovery from burnout.

You’ll learn:

  • About Leslie’s spiritual awakening that lead her to reconnecting to her cycle
  • About her journey of going off the birth control pill and what she experienced
  • How masculine energy can lead to a disconnect from the feminine body
  • Part of her journey in leaving her career as a news anchor because of burnout
  • The lies that women have been told about periods, birth control, and their bodies
  • Why your period happens for you and not to you
  • Why your cycle is your greatest untapped resource for true power and authenticity
  • The #1 thing you need to do if you are feeling disconnected from your body, even before starting to track your cycle



Gets listeners my self-paced cyclical awareness course, Cycle Codes, for $222.


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