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Can I afford to do this emotionally?

November 14, 2022 Holly Doll
Bombshell CEO
Can I afford to do this emotionally?
Show Notes

You digest everything you consume!

Episode 009: Can I afford to do this emotionally?

In this episode, you are going to learn to check in with yourself emotionally.

Are you making deposits in your emotional bank account or constantly taking withdrawals?

  • Why asking yourself if you can do this emotionally is just as important as asking if you have time or energy
  • How your emotional capacity limit impacts your life, your health, and your business
  • If you are highly sensitive, the things you might experience that may leave you questioning if there is something wrong with you
  • People - why you need to set boundaries even in friendships so that you aren’t allowing people to constantly dump their garbage truck on you
  • Places - parties, events, and malls - why you may need to implement a before/after plan to take care of your physical body to build emotional resilience
  •  Things - you digest everything you consume including social media and Netflix
  • The biggest clue of maxing out your emotional capacity - AKA fine in the moment however not fine after


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