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Purpose driven life with John Mendez

January 09, 2023 Holly Doll
Bombshell CEO
Purpose driven life with John Mendez
Show Notes

Do you want to live a life of purpose, presence, and abundance?

Episode 017: Purpose Driven Life with John Mendez

John is a serial entrepreneur, realtor, investor, Host of the Walk 2 Wealth Podcast, and social media expert. He is deeply passionate about helping other like-minded individuals achieve a life of abundance. Through the power of the mind and social media, John is empowering others to obtain financial freedom and build the lives they’ve always dreamed of living.

In this episode, we talk all about:

  • John’s journey into entrepreneurship
  • The book that changed his life and taught him the unconventional things he was not learning in school
  • The exercise you must do to start living life with more intention
  • How he ended up teaching his first class on social media
  • Why your passion and why can actually lead you astray
  • The idea of counter balance and how we never have a balanced life
  • The difference between a mission statement and a goal
  • Why your purpose may change throughout your life
  • The 2 most important days of your life
  • A free gift from John - The 4 Businesses you need to build before you build your dream business

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