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The power of being in the right room with Lisa Elle

January 30, 2023 Holly Doll
Bombshell CEO
The power of being in the right room with Lisa Elle
Show Notes

Have you ever felt like you were the whole package continually showing up at the wrong address?

Have you been sharing your message only to get crickets and wonder why people aren’t jumping at the opportunity to learn more or work with you? Have you ever considered that it might not be you and your message, but that you may not be in the right room in front of the right people?

Episode 020: The power of being in the right room with Lisa Elle

Lisa Elle is the founder of The Wealth Collective™, owner of Ellements Financial Group, host of the Money Makeover Podcast & the author of STRUT: How to Kick Financial ASSets in Sexy Shoes. Lisa has been a wealth strategist and a Certified Financial Planner® for over 22 years. Lisa has been featured numerous times as a financial expert on Global TV, CTV, the Toronto Star, Huffington Post, Morningstar, Microsoft and many more!

In this episode, we talk all about:

  • The power of being in the right room and what that can do for your business 
  • How the right event transformed the trajectory of Lisa’s business
  • How one event made her multiple 5 figures and set her up for multiple 6 figures in 2023
  • The importance of niching down, having your ideal clients hear your message. and not trying to appeal to the masses
  • Why you need boundaries in your business and how saying no quicker adds time to your life
  • Why you need to guard your schedule and only do things that are in alignment with your goals in order to collapse time
  • Why being in the right place in front of the right people could be the domino that falls and puts all the other things into motion in your business
  • How to pitch in a way that is going to get you a YES for events
  • How to start to break your upper limit beliefs and dig into what you are really afraid of

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